Kitehawk hawk icon Farm

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a kitehawk?
Kitehawks or white-tailed kites are birds often seen hovering near our orchards.

Where are you?
Kitehawk Farm is located near Atascadero, California.

How long have you been producing olive oil?
We have been growing various small organic crops for decades, but our first olive oil crop was in 2009.

Does the oil come from the fruit?
Our olive oil is made by milling the entire fruit including the seed or stone.

Are the olives pitted before pressing?
No, we mill the entire fruit.

Is all of your olive oil from your own olives?
Yes, we produce oil only from olives picked from our own trees near Atascadero, California.

How many acres do you have?
We have about 3,000 trees on 5 acres, although we have more land. They are planted at high density to help control weeds and save labor.

How closely are your olive trees planted?
Our olive trees are planted 4 feet apart in rows separated by 12 foot aisles.

Since you're certified organic, do you spray?
Yes, we spray for the olive fruit fly with an organic approved product.

How do you control weeds?
We control weeds by mowing the aisle and hand hoeing around the trees. Our deep mulch reduces weeding requirements.